Balcony Solar System PM Series + HPC Series

Balcony Power Plant with Storage

Discover the perfect energy solution tailored for diverse living spaces. Whether you reside in an apartment with a sun-kissed balcony or own a detached home boasting a lush garden, the HPC+PM series is designed to fit seamlessly. Even if you’re looking to harness solar power from a detached house balcony or rooftop, our product ensures optimal performance. Embrace a sustainable future, no matter where you live, and let the HPC+PM series illuminate every corner of your home.

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With the aid of this cutting-edge storage technology, you now have the opportunity to harness solar power during the night. Enhance your flexibility further by integrating the Balcony Solar System with your balcony power plant. This allows you to efficiently power high-energy devices and everyday household appliances, including electric heaters, refrigerators, electric ovens, air conditioners, house lights, and various other electronic devices.

The MUST Balcony Solar Generator harnesses sunlight to produce direct current, functioning as a compact solar system for your balcony. It efficiently stores this direct current and converts it into usable alternating current, eliminating the need for complex converters, adapters, or additional electrical equipment. This convenient setup allows you to easily power your devices and appliances with the generated electricity. Moreover, any excess electricity is automatically fed into the power grid when the storage capacity is reached, ensuring seamless energy management.

Technical Data HPC1800
Capacity 1280Wh 2500Wh
Material of cell LiFePO4
Cycles >6000 @80% Capacity
Storage Temperature -10°C~45°C
Operating Temperature -20°C~50°C
Material ABS+Metal
Dimension 390*200*395mm
Battery Management System(BMS) OVP, UVP, OCP, SCP, OTP, UTP, etc
Photovoltaic input
Power 2*500W max
Range of input voltage 15V~70V
Max input current 10A
Battery output
Power 2*400W max
Range of output voltage 42V~50.4V
Max output current 11.9A
Nominal voltage 44.8V
Charging voltage 50.4V
Max charging current 50A (1C)
Max discharge current 50A (1C)
Depth of discharge 90%
Technical Data PM-600 PM-800 PM-1600 PM-2000
Recommended solar panel input power(W) 200-430W × 2 275-530W × 2 275-530W × 4 275-530W × 4
Number of DC input connections (group) MC4 × 2 MC4 × 4
Maximum DC input voltage 60V 60V
Operating voltage range 16-60V 16-60V
Start-up voltage 22V 22V
MPPT tracking range 22-55V 22-55V
MPPT tracking accuracy >99.5% >99.5%
Maximum DC input current 10A*2 14A*2 14A*4 17A*4
Max. continuous output power 600W 800W 1600W 2000W
Nominal output voltage 230V 230V 230V 230V
Operating voltage range 190-270V 190-270V 190-270V 190-270V
Max. continuous output current 2.6A 3.47A 6.95A 8.69A
Nominal output frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Output frequency range 47.5-50.5Hz/58.9-61.9Hz
Maximum units per branch 8set 6set 2set 2set
THD <5%
Power factor >0.99
Peak efficiency 96%
Protective class Class I
Protection function
Protection Over/under voltage protection, Over/under frequency protection, Anti-islanding protection, Over current protection, Over load protection,

Over temperature protection

Protection grade IP67
Working environment temperature -40℃ ~ +65℃
Indication light quantity Working status: Led light + Wi-Fi Signal Led light
Communication  connection mode Wifi/2.4G
Cooling method Natural cooling(no fan)
Working environment Indoor and outdoor
Weight 2.5kg 4.5kg
Size (L*W*H) 315*226*45mm 342*205*45mm
VDE: VDE-AR-N 4105 CE-LVD: EN62109-1, EN62109-2; Rohs: IEC62321