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Tourist Visiting Pakistan–March 7th, 2016

On March 7th, 2016, our management group set out to visit our main market Pakistan with two purposes. One is that we went there to build our own after-service center in Lahore, the other is that we visited some of our important customers.

In order to expand our market share in Pakistan, we built our own after-service center in Lahore this month. Once finishing our own after-service center, advantages are obvious. We could offer our customers more comfortable after-sale service. More and more customers will be like to buy goods from us because of our complete after-sale service, which will make our local wholesaler and distributor sell our products easier.

In this period, we also visited some of our important customers. We could know better for Pakistani market from our customers. Then we can make a suitable plan for Pakistani market.

During the visiting, we feel the hospitality and passion for Pakistani. We MUST Power will treat Pakistani as our best friend forever and believe our products will bring Pakistan the bright future.

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Here sharing some beautiful photos in Pakistan with you:





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