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The Canton Fair Embraces Sustainable Future with MUST

On April 15, the 133rd China Import and Export Fair opened in Guangzhou, China, and MUST made an energetic appearance as an exhibitor, attracting many customers to visit the fair and make inquiries, and the online and offline fever was high.

Riding on the east wind of Canton Fair, MUST also seized the opportunity to further develop overseas markets and strengthen the influence and penetration of its brand in overseas markets. At this year’s Canton Fair, MUST presented a full range of inverters and energy storage products to global customers. The high quality overseas products and system solutions well demonstrate the strength of MUST to advance and seize the overseas market.

Over the years, MUST has been deeply engaged in the construction of home photovoltaic systems, and is loved by overseas consumers for its excellent quality. In this year’s Canton Fair, MUST exhibited PH5000TM grid-connected solar inverter, PV3600 off-grid solar inverter and HBP18 home energy storage system. MUST has enriched the new solutions for household application scenarios. Among them, the grid-connected PH5000TM has 160V-1000V input ultra-high voltage, the PV input can withstand a maximum current input of 21A, and can support single-string access of high-power modules. PV3600 is upgraded from the original PV3500, with built-in BSM communication board to realize the best communication function with lithium battery.

As a pioneer in the industry technology, in the process of actively developing overseas markets, MUST has carefully inspected the requirements of overseas customers for products and supply chain services, and while strengthening foreign exchanges and cooperation, it has also continuously improved the layout of overseas markets and accelerated the pace of localized development of the brand abroad, setting up global offices and technical after-sales service centers in Lebanon/Dubai/South Africa successively. We have set up global offices and technical after-sales service centers in Lebanon/Dubai/South Africa. We have also optimized the supply chain abroad and established an overseas warehouse in Poland to localize our products and serve local customers more efficiently.

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