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Technical Upgrade News of EP3000 / PV3000 series 4-6kw Inverter

In order to improve our inverter function and production efficiency, our R&D department decided to use the new one UI transformer to instead of 2pcs normal EI162 transformer, which have better performance.


1) Self-consumption decreased, from 192W down to less than 100W;
2) It becomes much more effective when cooling, cause transformer is smaller, inverter empty space is bigger;
3) The weight is much less than old version, for example, the 5kw was 47.1kgs, but now it’s 38.3kgs only, it saves shipping cost, more convenient for clients to install;
4) Easier for production line to assemble the inverter, improve producing efficiency.

After our engineer test the new UI transformer around three month, all EP3000 series power inverter 4-6kw model and PV3000 series solar inverter 4-6kw model are upgrade now.

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Old Version: Two Big Transformers (100% pure copper)
New Design: One Big Transformer (100% pure copper)

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