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Long Life Gel Sealed Lead Acid Battery GFMG Series 2V

MUST ENERGY has become a leading industrial battery manufacturer and OEM in China. The long life gel sealed lead acid battery we supply comes with uniquely long service life and is suited for all kinds of applications. Specific features and application are as follows.

Product Features of Industrial Battery:
  • The gel sealed lead acid battery battery, well known as UPS battery, solar battery, telecom battery, etc. is designed with a gel like electrolyte in which fumed silica is added to the sulfuric acid, finally forming evenly distributed and acid layering free electrolyte.
  • The electrolyte is gel like and does not leak, which holds battery plates in an immobile gel, thus ensuring uniform reaction of each part.
  • The sealed battery features remarkable high rate discharge performance due to radial grid design and compact construction.
  • Unique self reduction capability relying on extending battery plate can effectively prolong service life of the gel battery.
  • As a result of a special design, the electrolyte volume of this electricity storage device can hardly reduce during the process of use, and requires no addition of water for whole service life.
  • Employing unique anti-corrosion grid alloy and special gel formulation, the durable battery boasts outstanding over discharge recovery ability and longer service life.
  • MUST ENERGY long life gel sealed lead acid battery yields minimal self discharge in that it is completely manufactured from high purity materials.
  • In virtue of gas recombination technology, this rechargeable cell features ultra high recombination efficiency and generates no acid mist. It is quite environment friendly.
  • The eco-friendly battery also brings you peace of mind by means of high reliable sealing technology.

Applications of Long Life Gel Battery:
  • Communication systems such as exchange board, microwave station, mobile base station, state center, radio and broadcast station;
  • Power plant as well as power transmission and transformation equipment;
  • Solar energy and wind power generation system;
  • Signal system and emergency lighting system;
  • EPS and UPS systems.

Other Features:
  • Voltage covers: 2V
  • Capacity: From 100/10HR to 3000/10HR
  • Long Life Gel Sealed Lead Acid Battery mainly for UPS & EPS

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Models Nominal voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Overall dimensions (mm) Weight (kg ± 3%) Terminal Layout Bolt
Length Width Height Total height
GFMG-100 2 100/10HR 171 72 205 230 5.9 T5 G M8×16
GFMG-200 2 200/10HR 173 111 329 365 13.4 T5 G M8×16
GFMG-300 2 300/10HR 171 151 330 365 18.6 T5 G M8×16
GFMG-400 2 400/10HR 211 176 329 367 26.2 T5 H M8×16
GFMG-500 2 500/10HR 241 171 349 368 31.2 T5 H M8×16
GFMG-600 2 600/10HR 301 175 331 366 37.9 T5 H M8×16
GFMG-800 2 800/10HR 410 176 330 365 51.8 T5 I M8×16
GFMG-1000 2 1000/10HR 475 175 328 365 62.3 T5 I M8×16
GFMG-1200 2 1200/10HR 475 175 328 365 68.8 T5 I M8×16
GFMG-1500 2 1500/10HR 401 351 342 378 97.0 T5 J M8×16
GFMG-2000 2 2000/10HR 491 351 343 383 130.8 T5 K M8×16
GFMG-2500 2 2500/10HR 712 353 341 382 181.0 T5 K M8×16
GFMG-3000 2 3000/10HR 712 353 341 382 191.0 T5 K M8×16