PV3500 + PC1600A Solar System

PV3500 + PC1600A Solar System

PV3500 Series Solar Inverter

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Power range 4KW-12KW
  • 24V/48VDC input voltage
  • Powerful Charge Rate Up to 100Amp
  • Inbuilt pure copper transformer
  • LED+LCD display
  • MPPT solar charge controller 45A 60A(120A Optional)
  • MPPT Efficiency max 98%
  • 50/60HZ automatic sensing
  • RS485 with free CD
  • Battery priority function
  • Automatically send signal to start generator
  • DC Start & Automatic Self-Diagnostic Function
  • High Efficiency Design & “Power Saving Mode” to Conserve Energy

PC1600A Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller

  • 45A/60A MPPT Solar charge controller
  • 12V/24V/36V/48V auto work
  • MPPT efficiency>99%,Peak conversion efficiency >98%
  • DSP processors architecture ensure high speed and performance
  • Multi-stage charging mode
  • Protection: PV array short circuit ,PV reverse polarity , Battery reverse polarity , Over charging , Output short circuit

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