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Precautions for the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries

Lithium iron phosphate battery is a newly emerging energy storage battery in recent years, and everyone does not know much about the specific precautions for its use. Therefore, in order to allow you to use lithium iron phosphate batteries more correctly, the editor will tell you some precautions for the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries, hoping to help you.

Precautions for use

1. Pay attention to charging

If you find that the battery has not turned on after 10 hours of continuous charging, you should stop charging immediately and check whether the temperature of the battery is hot. If you can, you should send it for repair as soon as possible. If you can’t send it for repair immediately, you should control the total charging time not to exceed 8 hours, otherwise the battery will be damaged due to expansion and deformation.

2. Pay attention to the charging frequency

Because lithium iron phosphate batteries have no memory effect, in theory, lithium batteries can be charged at any time. The charging frequency of the lithium battery depends on the specific use of the battery. Because lithium batteries can store more energy, they can be used for a longer time. Like this kind of product that can be used for a long time, people generally do not charge it frequently, so the charging frequency of lithium batteries is not too high.

How long it takes to charge it depends on the use of the lithium iron phosphate battery. When the voltage drops to the point where it warns itself, it needs to be charged as soon as possible. And when you need to charge for the important event that is expected to come, even when the battery has a lot of remaining power, then you just charge early, because you don’t really lose “1” charge cycle life, which is “0” .X” times, and often this X will be small.

3.Three, discharge attention

The lithium battery has an overcurrent protection function. When the current of the electrical equipment exceeds the maximum output current of the product, the overcurrent protection circuit operates and the electrical equipment does not seem to work normally.

4. Pay attention to the use of chargers

Proper and reasonable charging is good for prolonging the life of the battery pack, and wild charging will have a great impact on battery life.

For the charger of lithium iron phosphate battery, it is best to use the special charger provided by the manufacturer. Do not arbitrarily use other chargers of other models or charging voltages that do not match. If the original charger is broken, it is better to buy the original charger. The original original model is always more suitable and safer.

5. Pay attention to the use of the environment

The operating environment temperature of the lithium iron phosphate battery should be suitable. The charging temperature of the lithium battery is 0°C to 45°C, and the discharge temperature of the lithium battery is -20°C to 60°C. It should be in a clean, dry and ventilated environment, avoid contact with corrosive substances, and keep away from fire and heat sources.

6. Storage attention

Different battery charging states have different aging consequences. The more full the battery is, the more severe its capacity loss will be. Therefore, for the lithium battery pack that will be idle, the recommended charging level is 40%.

When the lithium iron phosphate battery is obtained and wants to be used formally, it needs to be charged, because the lithium battery cannot be too full when it is stored, and it will lose its capacity if it is too full. Therefore, the charging precautions of lithium batteries are still very practical in the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Although there are many precautions for the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries, in the process of actual use, those trivial mistakes will not cause much impact even if we make them. However, it is best to use the lithium iron phosphate battery in the correct way. Only in this way can the service life of the lithium iron phosphate battery be extended as much as possible and its use safety can be guaranteed.

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