High Frequency Power Inverter

PI1500 Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter (600W)

PI15 series is a pure sine wave inverter, high frequency machine solution, the product is small size, the solution is reliable and stable, the main function is to invert the DC 12VDC battery or 24VDC battery to AC 230VAC or AC 115VAC output, mainly used for emergency use Electricity, car inverter, outdoor electricity and other occasions.


  • Input Voltage 12V / 24V DC optional
  • Output Voltage 115V / 230V AC optional
  • Portable power for AC products, AC outlets for connecting multiple loads
  • High surge capacity for products that require more power to start
  • High efficiency converts virtually all of the battery's power to AC
  • Mounting brackets for convenient installation
  • Heavy duty stud-connection mounting
  • RS232 communication port
  • WIFI/BMS Optional
  • Overload and over temperature shut down
  • Low voltage and over voltage alarm/cut off
  • Input reverse protection
  • Short circuit protection

↓↓↓Installation Portfolio------------

Battery DC Input
Input Voltage12VDC24VDC
Low Voltage Protect Delay2 seconds
Low Voltage Protect10.5VDC(PB)11.6VDC(LI)21.0VDC(PB)23.2VDC(LI)
Low Voltage Warning11.5VDC(PB)12.0VDC(LI)23.0VDC(PB)24.0VDC(LI)
Low Voltage Restoring12.5VDC(PB)12.8VDC(LI)25.0VDC(PB)25.6VDC(LI)
Over Voltage Restoring14.7VDC(PB)14.5VDC(LI)29.4VDC(PB)29.0VDC(LI)
Over Voltage Protect15.0VDC(PB)14.8VDC(LI)30.0VDC(PB)29.6VDC(LI)
Note: Parameters (PB) Lead-acid Battery / (Li) LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Pack-12V(4 Series) 24V(8 Series)
Inverter AC Output
Default Power600W
Peak Power1200W
Output AC Voltage230V120V230V120V
Output AC Frequency50Hz60Hz50Hz60Hz
Output WavePure Sine Wave
Output Wave THD< 3%
USB OutputUSB A type – 5V 1.5A
Battery Input ProtectionLow Voltage Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Reverse Protection
Inverter Output ProtectionOutput Overload, Short-Circuit, Over Temperature Protection
LED DisplayRed: Error ; Green: System OK
LED Digital DisplayDisplay Battery Voltage, Output Power, Output Voltage, Error Numbers
PC(Default)USB B type Socket
WIFI(Optional)USB A type Socket
BMS to Li Battery(Optional)RJ11 type Socket
Peak Conversion efficiency91%
Protection DegreeIP20
Working EnvironmentIndoor Fan cooling
Environmental temperature0~45°C
Ambient humidity20%–90%, No condensation