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Off Grid Stand Alone Solar Power Systems

It seems like a lot of people are starting to think going “off-grid” is the smart choice, and internationally the phenomenon of the stand alone solar power system is catching on like wildfire.


All over the internet are pages and videos devoted to living off-the-grid and what it takes to set up a totally sufficient area of the home such as office, workshed, cabin and even up to complete residential systems which require remarkable and creative lifestyle changes.


Applications for Off Grid (Stand Alone) Solar Power Systems

  • Holiday Home / Cabin / Shack
  • Sheds & Barns
  • Off-grid residential power system
  • Off-grid stand alone commercial/industrial solar power systems
  • Specific solar powered off-grid applications
  • Outdoor and farm use


  • Autonomous Power – not reliant on national power grid
  • Renewable Energy – Less damage to environment
  • Cost Efficient – One time investment, no power bills

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