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NEW Model PV1800 HM Solar Inverter Launched!

Recently we launched our new high frequency off grid solar inverter model PV1800 HM which is the updated version for our PV1800 MPK/PRO(2-3KVA) model. It has 2KVA/1.6KW and 3KVA/2.4KW at present and built-in 40A or 60A MPPT solar charge controller. 24V and 48V DC input are both available on this model.

More details, please check the link following:

Below is the comparison between the OLD and NEW model for your reference:

No.ItemPV1800 MPK/PRO(Old Version)PV1800 HM(New Version)
1CPUOld CPU: TI2809New CPU: TI 28335, DSP faster, higher quality of output wave
3Charging Current settingSetting by every 10ASetting by every 1A
4Output AC volt setting function NO YES, 220V-240V,setting by every 1V
5Battery Type to chargeLead Acid BatteryLead Acid Battery, Lithium Battery
6MPPT PV array operating volt range60-115V64-130V
7Wifi Kit/GSMNoOptional

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