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New arrivals YHA Micro Module Data Center for Telecom Industry Power Solution

This model was designed for data center. Comparing with traditional data center, it integrated UPS, air-conditioner on a whole cabinet, easy delivery and installation.

Integrated with channel closure;
Dimensions height: 2000mm (42U), width: 600mm, depth: 1200mm;
Static load bearing: 2000kg;
Dynamic load: 1000kg;
Earthquake resistance 8/9 intensity;
With rollers and adjustable feet, optional electronic locks, etc;
The glass door of the front door is sealed, the sheet metal door of the back door is sealed, and the doors are equipped with sealing tape;
Blind board;
Thermal insulation cotton is attached in the cold aisle;
With feeder hole (front, back, top, bottom).

2.UPS module
3kVA, 6kVA, 10kVA three standard configurations, optional 20kVA, 30kVA, 3U height;
High efficiency 3-10kVA 90%, 20-30kVA 95%;
With power-on self-diagnosis function, it can find the hidden failure of UPS in time;
When the utility power is interrupted, the UPS discharges to shutdown in battery mode; when the utility power is restored, the UPS can automatically turn on and charge the battery at the same time to realize the unattended function;
2U 96V 9AH or 3U 192V 9AH battery pack.

3.Power distribution
32A/1P, 63A/1P, 80A/1P input, with C-level lightning protection device;
3U high (32A/63A), 4U high (80A), frame installation;
Including air conditioning, UPS input and output, lighting, PDU, backup, etc;
All wiring is completed before leaving the factory, and only the utility input is needed for on-site installation;
Intelligent power monitoring with main circuit and IT load branch circuit.

4.Rack 19inch 5U air-conditioner 4kw or 8kw, speed can be adjustable.

5.10inch large LCD Display, monitoring whole system Andriod+Linux3.3 operating system.

6.LED light strip when red color mean error warning, blue mean working well,adjustable sleeping function,auto start when door open/close.

7.Emergency ventilation system;Smart access control can use face,fingerprint,Swipe; SMS inform;Rack-mounted gas fire protection system optional.
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