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In order to promote unity and positive spirit, create a lively and healthy atmosphere, continuously enhance cohesion, and practice the core values of MUST be brave to pioneer, work efficiently, and create brilliance together.

Inject new vitality into the company’s corporate culture, so as to better promote the smooth development of the company’s work. With the strong support of the company’s leaders, MUST’s first employee sports meeting was held as scheduled.

Manager Chen gave an opening speech, clarifying the purpose and explaining the significance of the Games. Finally wishing all the athletes excellent results.

This Games has competitions such as tug-of-war, track and field, and rope skipping. During the Games, the staff of the General Assembly were carefully organized; the referees were fair and impartial; all the athletes worked hard and made great achievements, resulting in a number of individual and team championships.

This sports meeting not only demonstrated the spirit of challenge and innovation of MUST members, but also further enhanced team awareness and collaboration capabilities. Everyone will put the spirit of hard work, courage to open up, efficient work, and co-creation of brilliance on the field to work, and meet new challenges in the future with a better spirit, and contribute to the development of the company.

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