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MUST ENERGY Power System Advantages.


High Efficiency

  • Higher operation efficiency.
  • Wide MPPT range, making system efficiency higher.
  • Not require remote DC power transmission, and low DC loss.
  • Not require large-capacity on-grid AC power distribution, lowering AC loss to get more electricity power.
  • Utilizing small-inverter generation, convenient to increase capacity.

High Reliability

  • Little influence to AC power grid when breakdown.
  • Little generation loss when single inverter breaks down.
  • DCs increasing reliability of configuration and operation.

Cost Advantages

  • Transformerless design cutting down the cost.
  • Light weight and small dimension, reducing shipping cost.
  • Integrated procurement and assembly line of operation, reducing production cost.
  • IP65 protection degree, suitable for outdoor installation, reducing construction cost.
  • Low maintenance expense and low power loss when breakdown.

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