New Arrival

MUST PV3500 series solar inverter upgradation news!

Main features upgrade as below:

1. Product load capacity increase(air conditioning / motor / capacitive load and other load impact function increase)
2. Display settings optimization (more smart) to enhance the user to use the senses
3. Optimize off-grid / mains switching, reduce the impact of switching
4. Optimize the remote update,unified use of the latest firmware update software
5. Optimize the battery type selection, add Li / Flooded / LEA / AGM / GEL / and custom battery type, and default related battery voltage parameters and charging curve
6. Upgrade the host computer monitoring software, unified use of the company’s latest PC monitoring software
7. Upgrade WIFI monitoring
8. Upgrade the BTS function
9. Unified upgrade to internal communication

If you are interested in it, please contact us at email:

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