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MUST held the third quarter summary meeting

On October 23, 2022, MUST ushered in the third quarter work summary and the fourth quarter work plan meeting. The company’s middle and senior management participated in the meeting.

The theme of this conference is: Riding the Wind and Waves – Unstoppable. The meeting reviewed and summarized the work completed in the third quarter, and deployed the work plan for the fourth quarter. The meeting listened to the reports of the departments of each company on the work summary of the third quarter of 2022 and the work plan for the fourth quarter. The person in charge reported one after another and summed up the experience. At the same time, analyze the current complex situation facing the company, clarify the work ideas and direction for the fourth quarter and the beginning of next year, mobilize employees to devote themselves to their respective jobs with a good mental state, and sprint for the company to achieve the annual excellent business goal!

2022 is the company’s “starting year for organized operations”. The company has always attached importance to talent training and talent team building, and selects high-end talents through various selection methods to ensure the professionalism of the team and improve the business level.

Finally, the general manager put forward several requirements and suggestions for the work in the fourth quarter: require all departments to strengthen the construction of talent echelon, and suggest to keep learning and exercise after work; require business departments to improve their business level, enhance their ability to expand business, broaden their horizons, and dare to Going out; requires auxiliary departments to improve their skills and efficiency, gather every strength, and ensure delivery, quality, and service.

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