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MUST 2021 Annual Planning Meeting

On January 16, 2021, MUST organized a business and management target planning meeting with the theme of “Taking advantage of the market situation, concentrating on Strength, fighting for 2021” in Foshan. The meeting was held by vice president Mr. Huang, attendees include CEO Mr. Wu, vice presidents and core manager from various departments. At the meeting, various departments reported on how to achieve group’s 2021 management goals.

Under the influence of the continuous epidemic and the harsh environment of the global shortage of electronic materials, the management department pointed out that the key tasks are to ensure delivery time this year, reduce inventory, achieve lean management.

2021 is a challenging year, and it is also a year in which the photovoltaic industry will maintain a boom. Based on the policy expectations of China, the United States and Europe, the global photovoltaic installed capacity is expected to increase by 34% compared 2020, achieving the highest growth in the past decade, this three regions are excepted to occupy 67%. We must seize the opportunity of the economic outbreak after the epidemic, expand outward, cultivate inward, and refine, strengthen, and expand our advantages; in the new changes, new situations, and new challenges, we must seize opportunities to build platforms, and empower collaboration, increase market development efforts, and achieve rapid growth in performance!

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