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Low Frequency Power Inverter

EP3300 TLV Series Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Split Phase Inverter Charger (1-6KW)

This split phase inverter EP3300 TLV series, capacity from 1KW-6KW, DC 12V/24V/48V, it’s applicable to 110VAC/120VAC markets demands, which matches AC 110VAC/120V single phase, or two phase 110VAC/120V 120V/240V; In LCD display, you can set output voltage, frequency, charging voltage, charging current to design best use based on different loads applications; meanwhile, you can also connect extra solar charger controller to build a solar home system, take use of sunshine freely and save electricity bills.


  • Pure sine wave output, split phase HOT1+ N + HOT2 available, 120VAC/220VAC
  • MFD (multi-function display) & Friendly user interface
  • 3 Steps optimizing charge for battery pack
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Settable: charging/charging current, utility/Battery priority, utility input wide/narrow range
  • Inverter voltage can be set to 100V/110V/120V
  • Inverter frequency can be set to 50/60Hz

Two Colors Option:


Pure sine wave output

Two pure sine wave AC 110V/120V output(Split Phase)

Smart Battery Chargers – 3 setps optimizing battery charge

Boost CC Stage: If A/C input is applied, the charger will run at full current in CC mode until the charger reaches the boost voltage.

Boost CV Stage: the charger will keep the boost voltage in Boost CV mode until the charge current less 6A continue 1minute or keep the boost voltage time more than 2hours . Then drop the voltage down to the float voltage.

Float Stage: In float mode, the voltage will stay at the float voltage. If the A/C is reconnected , the charger will reset the cycle above.

Easy to read all working modes and parameters in LCD

Line Mode

Input power will provide energy to load directly. And it will charge the battery at the same time.If voltage of input power is outside of section, the machine will switch to battery mode.

Battery Mode

The unit will get energy from battery and provide to load.

Fault Mode

If any fault has happened, the machine will enter to the mode. And fault code is displayed on the LCD.

Smart setting to make inverter work more efficiency

Perfectly driving inductive load current



EP3300 TLV, split phase inverter, it can support different loads with it’s inbuilt pure copper transformer, like laptop, TV, Air-conditioner, fridge etc… Normally this inverter work with battery as back up system to meet different power demands in daily life; it can also connect extra MPPT/PWM solar charge controller, then work as an solar inverter system, use sunshine energy to save electricity bills.


Inverter Output
Rated power(W)1KW1.5KW2KW3KW4KW5KW6KW
Power Factor1
Wave formPure sine wave/ Same as input waveform (bypass mode)
Output voltage RMS100V/110V/120VAC(200V/220V/240VAC)±10%
Output frequency50HZ or 60HZ (±0.3HZ) (can be set)
Overload protectionBreaker + software protection
Output short circuitBreaker + software protection
Inverter efficiency(peak)>80%
Overload100%<Load<110% (alarm 5min then stop output and fault code 07); 110%<Load<125% (alarm 60s then stop output and fault code 07); Load>125% (alarm 10s then stop output and fault code 07)
Surge rating3000VA4500VA6000VA9000VA12000VA15000VA18000VA
Capable of starting electric motor1P1P1.5P1.5P2P3P
Battery voltage12VDC/24VDC24VDC/48VDC48VDC
Minimum start voltage11VDC/22VDC/44VDC
Low battery voltage cut off(low voltage fault code04)10/10.5/11V for 12V model(*2 for 24DVC / *4 for 48VDC)
Low battery voltage alarmAdd 0.5V/battery: (low battery alarm one second one time) (10/10.5/11V) + 0.5Vdc for 12V model(*2 for 24DVC / *4 for 48VDC)
High battery voltage alarmAdd +1V/battery: (high voltage one second one time/after 30s fault 03) (13.8-14.5V) + 1V for 12V model(*2 for 24DVC / *4 for 48VDC)
Save modeLoad≤40W(110V)/80W(220V)
AC Input Mode
Input waveformPure sine wave
Nominal input voltage220Vac / 230Vac / 240Vac
Max input voltage270Vac MAX
Input frequency50HZ/60HZ (auto sensing)
Efficiency(AC mode)>95% (load, full battery)
Transfer time AC TO DC15ms(max)
Transfer time DC TO AC15ms(max)
Charge Mode
Boost Voltage14.1V(Default) Range of adjustment 13.8-14.5V/*2 for 24VDC/*4 for 48VDC (Regulation step 0.1V)
Float Voltage13.5V(default) Range of adjustment 13.5-13.7V/*2 for 24VDC/*4 for 48VDC (Regulation step 0.1V)
Min charge current 10A. change by every 5A.
Dimensions (W*H*D)277*196*466mm277*186*621mm
Ship Dimensions (W*H*D)376*306*592mm376*296*747mm
WarrantyOne year(standard),2years optional(IP20)

*Products specifications are subject to change without further notice

Software and Instruction Manual Downloads>>>

  • Brochure: EP3300 TLV Series Split Phase (1-6KW).pdf Download
  • Leaflet: EP3300 TLV Series Split Phase (1-6KW)-Z.pdf Download
  • Manual: 420-00341-01 EP3300 TLV 1-6K T1.1.pdf Download