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High Frequency Power Inverter

High Frequency Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

EP1100 Pro Series High Frequency Power Inverter/Charger (1.2-2.4KVA)

High Frequency Power Inverter/Charger

EP1100 Pro Series (1.2-2.4KVA)
  • Rated Power: 1.2-2.4KVA
  • Battery Voltage: 12/24VDC
  • Charging Current: 10/20A
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High Frequency Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

EP1800 Series High Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter (1-5KW)
  • Rated Power: 1-5KW
  • Battery Voltage: 12/24/48VDC
  • Charging Current: 10-60A
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EP5000 Series High Frequency Pure sine Wave Power inverter (3-5KW)
  • Rated Power: 3-5KW
  • Battery Voltage: 48VDC
  • Charge Current: 30-60A
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EP1500 Series High Frequency Car Power Inverter (300-3000W)

High Frequency Car Power Inverter

EP1500 Series (300-3000W)
  • Rated Power: 300-1000W
  • Input Voltage: 12/24/48Vdc
  • Output wave form: PMW
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